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Method and apparatus combining a tracking system and a wireless communication system.For instance, when the RF1D tag reader is capable of reading an RFm tag storing loyalty program instrument data that is used to initiate a loyalty program session and when the active volume is large an extends beyond the game playing area 976, the RFm tag reader may read loyalty program instruments carried by a plurality of different game players.The memory storage capacities of the RFID tags used in the present invention may vary.Method for post-manufacturing data transfer to and from a sealed device.As example, in response to the signal from the reader in gaming machine 1000, the RFID tag 1014 may generate a signal that is received by the wireless access point 1006, gaming machine 1001 and gaming machine 1000.If the player then asks for dinner for two at the coffee shop the pit boss can look up their game play history and, based on guidelines, which may vary from casino to casino, decide whether or not a comp is justified.Get contact information of offices & distributors of dental implant company BioHorizons from throughout the world on BioHorizons.com.

Assignment template and assignment bundle in a gaming configuration and download system.Part of the reason for their increased popularity is the nearly endless variety of games that can be implemented on gaming machines utilizing advanced electronic technology.Multistage ordering system for a fueling and retail environment.The player tracking unit 107 communicates with the player tracking server via the SMIB 103, a main communication board 110 and the data collection unit 106.Method and apparatus for sharing portable terminal in CDMA system and mobile RFID system.As another example, loyalty points awarded to the player may be stored on a smart card inserted into the card reader 24. 1n some embodiments, the loyalty point instrument may simply be used as a receipt to ensure that loyalty point credits earned by the player have been correctly credited to their account.The scanned signature and the voice authorization record may be recorded at the gaming machine, processed and printed in a 2-D bar-code format on a ticket that is carned by the player.In general, the sound device 955 and status light 954 may be used to provide information regarding the functioning of the input mechanisms in 950 and 951 in any application for which they are used.The scanner may be one of a laser scanner and a charge coupled device scanner.

The non-physical contact data interface 952 may be one of a bar-code scanner, a RFm tag reader and combinations thereof.In the case of a passive RFID device, until a signal is received from a reader device, the signals from the passive devices are not generated because the signal from the reader device is used to supply power to the wireless source to generate its reply signal.For instance, a 1-D bar-code may be printed on a top-side of the substrate 900 and an optional 2-D bar-code may be printed on the bottom side of the substrate.As described above, on a gaming machine, loyalty points may redeemed for a number of purposes such as to access a special bonus feature available on the gaming machine or to obtain goods and services.Again, not all loyalty program systems may utilize CVTs, many of the functions of the CVT may be transferred to the cashless server, including the loyalty program server 31 O, eliminating the transferred function within the CVT.Further, it is possible that the entire process is performed anonymously so that the gaming establishment never knows who is accruing the loyalty points - or at least not via a conventional player tracking methodology.Further, the transaction database may be used with analysis software to analyze transactions routed through the clearinghouse server 341.RFID devices that may be used with the present invention are produced by companies, such as Texas Instruments (Dallas, Texas), Hitachi (Japan), Infeon Technologies (Germany).

The loyalty program instrument data printed on the top-side and the bottom-side may be the same.The active volume is typically located at a location on the gaming machine that is easily accessible to the player that is located within the game playing area 976.

Card made of fluorescent material and card reader for use with the card.The operator may ask the player to repeat the short phrase encoded on the ticket.Personal digital key initialization and registration for secure transactions.

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Systems, methods and articles to facilitate playing card games.

Methods and apparatus for locating wireless gaming devices, such as RFa7 tags in a wireless gaming environment are described with respect to FIG. 13. FIGURE 13 is a block diagram of a gaming system providing wireless data access and wireless gaming device location services.Gaming system, gaming device and method for utilizing bitcoins.The loyalty program instrument may be selected from the group consisting of an RFID tag, a portable wireless device, a cell phone, a portable computation device and a portable communication device.

As another example, the player may request that loyalty points be deducted from a loyalty program account such as a player tracking account.The request for validation is an information packet in a communication protocol of some type.When RFID data is read from the substrate 900, in some embodiments, the RFID data may be read independently of the orientation of the substrate relative to the reader 952.To locate a wireless gaming device in front of a gaming machine may require a resolution accuracy of about 1 %Z feet or less.Method and system for paragame activity at electronic gaming machine.

In another embodiment, the scanner may be mounted below a card slot on the gaming machine where the scanner is designed to read loyalty program instrument data stored on the loyalty program instrument when the loyalty program instrument is placed in the card slot.For example, CVT 360 stores ticket voucher information for ticket vouchers printed by gaming machines 365, 366, 367, 368, and 369.Further, the gaming machine may reduce the power that is supplied to its reader antenna, such that, only the RFID tags closest to the gaming machine will receive enough power to generate a reply to the gaming machine.When the instrument transaction is marked unvalidated, it may be validated by another gaming device at a later time.As described above, the loyalty program transaction information may be used when the loyalty program instruments are validated in some manner such as for a prize redemption or to credit the points to a loyalty point account.To read bar-code data, a substrate with the bar-code is placed within an active volume S of space in which the bar-code reader is operable to read data.The loyalty program server 310 may also be used to provide multi-site validation of loyalty program instruments via a connection 311 such as a network interface to a remote loyalty program transaction clearinghouse.While the instrument transaction is pending, any attempts to validate a loyalty program instrument with similar information is blocked by the instrument owner.Thus, a single instrument generation site may issue both cashless instruments and loyalty program instruments.

Examples of events that can indicate the end of a loyalty points session include winning a jackpot or other conventional gaming award, a user actuating a mechanism indicating an end to the gaming activity, detecting that a particular period of inactivity has elapsed, etc.For a successful read of the magnetic stripe, the length of the stripe must be moved over a magnetic head in the card reader.Passive biometric customer identification and tracking system.Intelligent wagering token and wagering token tracking techniques.

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An advantage of a 2-D bar-code symbol is that significantly more data maybe encoded than compared a 1-D bar-code symbol. With a 2.-D bar-code symbol, an entire record of a database can be stored on a single 2-D bar-code symbol rather than just an index to a record.

Retail methods for providing an interactive product to a consumer.Closed-loop system for providing additional event participation to electronic video game customers.In another example, the player can insert their card incorrectly, such as, up-side down or backyvards, which prevent the card from being read and thus a player tracking card from being initiated.Method and apparatus for storing information on a wager gaming voucher.Systems, methods, and devices for providing instances of a secondary game.When the RFID tag without a power supply is interrogated by a RFID tag reader operating at the right radio frequency, the antenna picks up a small amount of electromagnetic energy that is used to power logic device 907.We have 132 listings for High-version-volume. Find ads with prices High-version-volume from R1.