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ACL TCAM, QoS TCAM, ACL labels, LOUs, and L4ops per ACL are all the same in Supervisor Engine 720 as they are in Sup2.WS-C6509-E Product Overview. I/O. across supervisor engines. The Cisco Catalyst 6509-E supports both Cisco. 720 are installed in slot 5 or slot 6; Cisco.Cisco Catalyst 6500 Supervisor Engine 2T: Layer 2 Scalability Enhancements White Paper May 09, 2011.

Is it okay to pull cards out of a 6509 while it's powered on if. Make sure You are not removing Supervisor card which will sit in slot 5. Cisco Certification.The Cisco Catalyst 6500 and 6500-E Series sets the new standard for IP Communications and application delivery in.

Cisco 6509 e Eol by sheik8o. Cisco 6509 e Eol. Cisco 7600 Series Supervisor. See Product Migration 7613-RSP720C-R. slot. ASR1000 7609S-S32-8G-B-R.Cisco Systems ® is introducing enhanced 3-, 6-, and 9-slot chassis for the Cisco ® Catalyst ® 6500 Series and the Supervisor Engine 720-3B.High-Performance Interface Density in the Cisco Catalyst 6509-E Switch Chassis Versus the. only the Supervisor Engine 2T can placed in the supervisor slots.Cisco Catalyst 6509 NetFlow Support. Supervisor Engine 6T. The Cisco Catalyst Supervisor Engine 6T is the latest addition to Cisco. much higher per-slot.Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor Engine. 6509-E; 6509-E 10Gig; 6509-V-E. crossbar switch fabric that enables 80 Gbps switching capacity per slot on all.

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Cisco Catalyst 6513 Chassis and Supervisor engine Overview. Cisco Catalyst 6513 Chassis and Supervisor engine. per slot in 6503/6504/6506/6509.

View full Cisco Catalyst 6509-V-E specs on CNET. CNET. Reviews. switch - 4 ports - desktop - with Cisco Virtual Switching Supervisor Engine 720. Expansion Slots.Cisco 6509 Supervisor Card Slot Boot Failure. but the primary supervisor card slot won't boot any cards. The cards were all tested on a backup 6509 chassis,.

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IPv4 routes: 256000 IPv6 routes: 128000 NetFlow entries: 128000.. and 13-slot chassis running Cisco IOS Software and. 3-second stateful failover between redundant Cisco Catalyst 6500 supervisor engines. 6509 -NEB, 6509-NEB.. and 13-slot chassis running Cisco IOS. The Cisco Supervisor Engine 720 can be deployed in dual-supervisor configurations in all. 6509, 6509-NEB, 6509.Recommended Migration: The Cisco Catalyst 6509-E Switch replaces this end-of sale product. The 9-slot Catalyst 6509 chassis provides intermediate port densities.The following are some of the key features and benefits of the Supervisor 720.Mailing List Archive. Home >. Cisco 6509 SUP2-MSFC2 and PCMCIA Flash. > !Slot 1: type Catalyst 6000 supervisor 2 (Active), 2 ports.

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Note: In order for the Supervisor 720 to operate in all Cisco Catalyst 65xx chassis as well as Cisco 7603, 7606, 7613 and OSR-7609 require an upgraded system fan tray to support the additional cooling requirements for these modules.

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Only two of the three ports can be active at any one point in time.Cisco WS-C6509 Catalyst 6509 9-Slot Chassis. CISCO WS-C6509-V-E-FAN Cisco 6509 Series Switch fan. Fan tray for Catalyst 6509, Supervisor Engine 720.

Configuring Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series. Cisco Catalyst 6509 Switch Supervisor 720. The WLSM module was installed in slot 1 of the Catalyst 6509 chassis.Refurbished Cisco WS-C6509 Catalyst 6509 Ethernet Switch. Save money off MSRP on this Cisco WS-C6509 and even more when buying in bulk. Contact us directly for bulk.

WS-C6509-E: Cisco Enhanced 6509 9-Slot Chassis. Cisco Part Number WS-C6509-E. Supports dual Supervisor Engines, or one Sup and one Line Card.Vibrant buys and sells Cisco 6500 Switches. Cisco 6509-E Switch The Cisco Catalyst 6509-E is a 9 slot. For the Catalyst 6500 with Supervisor 720.No, since the switch fabric is integrated, the use of the SFM would be superfluous.

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Cisco Catalyst 6509 and Cisco 6509-E. switch have nine horizontal slots being numbered from 1 (top) to 9 (bottom) Supported supervisor engines in the Cisco WS.Cisco Catalyst 6000/6500 Switch Architecture. 6509 has a single Supervisor 2 with. be installed in Slot 5, while the redundant Supervisor 720 must be.

The Supervisor Engine 720 will support all previous generations of interface modules.CISCO CATALYST 6500/CISCO 7600. The Cisco Supervisor Engine 720 offers a strong set. Chassis compatibility • Cisco 6503, 6503-E, 6506, 6506-E, 6509, 6509.6509-E or 6509-NEB-A chassis; can only occupy slots 9. Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series 10 Gigabit. Centralized forwarding architecture—The supervisor's (Cisco.Cisco 6509 Ethernet Switch Chassis - 9 x Expansion Slots (WS C6509 E).

Experts Exchange > Questions > install a 2nd supervisor on Cisco 6509. in is dependent on the model of supervisor. Sup 2's can go in slot 1 or 2.Cisco Catalyst 6509-E - switch - 2 ports - managed - rack-mountable - with Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor Engine 2T with 2 ports 10GbE, Policy Feature Card 4 (VS-F6K-PFC4).As with any chassis configuration, power requirements for a Supervisor 720-based system will depend on the configuration.

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switch Architecture. Cisco Public Slot 6503/ 6503-E 6504-E 6506/. Supervisor Slots 3-Slot: 1 and 2.When a Supervisor Engine 720 is installed in a 6513, it provides one 20 Gb connection in slots 1-8 and two 20 Gb (40 Gbps) connections to slots 9-13.Catalyst 6509: 6 slots, Supervisor Engine Compatibility:. Cisco Catalyst 6500 Supervisor. Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor Engine 720/Supervisor Engine 32.OSPF, RIP, BGP-4, IS-IS, HSRP, IGMP, VRRP, PIM-SM, PIM-DM, GRE, Bidirectional PIM.

Cisco Catalyst 6509-V-E Switch. The 9-slot Cisco Catalyst 6509 Enhanced. both the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Supervisor Engine 32 and Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series.WS-C6509-E Cisco Catalyst 6509 Network. Supervisor Engine 1 and Supervisor Engine 2 are installed in slot 1 or slot 2; Supervisor Engine 32 and Supervisor Engine.No, the MSFC and PFC are an integral part of a Supervisor 720.The 9-slot Cisco Catalyst 6509-E Switch provides high port densities that are ideal for many wiring closet, distribution, and core network as well as data center.

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Home / Reviews / What is the Cisco 6509. supervisor engines. It supports modular Cisco IOS Software to. for the Cisco “6509” switch, specifying the slots.NEW - Cisco 6509e Ethernet Switch Chassis - 9 x Expansion Slot Enhanced Modular Chassis Only (Cisco Switch WS C6509 E).